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New to Yoga?

What do I Bring?
All you need to bring is a mat, bottle of water and a towel if you’d like. The Yoga Barre will provide a mat free of charge during your "First Week Free."  After that, mats are available to rent for $2.00.

What do I Wear?
Wear comfortable clothes that you can move around in (but not too loose), and you do not need socks or tennis shoes. Yoga is practiced barefoot.
*Doors open 30 minutes prior to each class and walk-ins are welcome.

Class Descriptions


Sculpt is a full body workout involving light and heavy weights. Students follow a yoga flow while sculpting lean muscle.


Come flow with us! In this class we will stretch, breathe and relax as we move through solid, yet playful, sequence of yoga postures.


Barre begins with a warm up and upper-body exercises. Biceps, triceps, chest, and back muscles are the focus, and free weights may be used. Your core is also engaged for the entirety of the class. After the upper body sequences, a wall or a barre along with your own bodyweight are used to target the leg and seat muscles. Lastly, the core is focused on. Cool down is then included to help your muscles recover and to enhance flexibility.

Yoga Circuit:

Yoga Circuit provides the benefits of yoga-balance, strength, and flexibility with the benefits of circuit training-strength, cardio, endurance. This 45-minute class may use light weights or body weight. Whether you use weights or body weight, you will get an effective work out.


In this class props do the work. With Restorative you are guided through gentle and slow yoga poses designed to open the body and release tension. Guided meditation and various props are used to support and encourage release of muscular and emotional tightness. Restorative poses when explored longer periods of time have been proven to have therapeutic benefits. Where Comfortable clothes that are form fitting (not too loose).

Class Pricing
Single Class $15.00
5-Class Package $70.00
10-Class Package $110.00
1-Month Unlimited $140.00
10-Class Recurring Payments Contract 12 Auto-Payments of $95.00
12-Months Unlimited Recurring Payments Contract 12 Auto-Payments of $115.00

Click on the link below to view our schedule: