RusselA Shakopee couple is fulfilling a dream to open a studio — The Yoga Barre – in Shakopee Oct. 1. The upstairs studio is at 110 ½ First Ave. East. Molly and Dan Russell, long-time local Shakopee residents and teachers in the Shakopee school district are opening the studio to provide residents and others an opportunity to experience the physical and mental transformation that yoga, yoga fusion, and other group fitness classes bring.

The Russells have discussed the concept of opening a first-of-its-kind studio like this in Shakopee for the last two years. Dan and Molly Russell are long-time residents of Shakopee and both teachers at West Junior High. They live with their two children (Maya, nine, and Gavin, four), are both active in their school careers, and realize the commitment they are making to make their dream into a reality. “We put together a survey and shared it on Facebook. The results gathered from more than 300 people showed an overwhelming interest in the idea of having a yoga studio in Shakopee,” Molly explains.

Since Molly and Dan began doing yoga and other group fitness classes, they have been driven to bring classes of this type (yoga, barre, and other yoga-infused group fitness classes) to Shakopee, so other people could have the opportunity to feel good while having fun. “The best part is that no prior experience is necessary because teachers will modify moves based on level of experience,” Molly stated.

Molly and Dan plan to schedule classes based on what customers want and when instructors are avaliable to teach. Early morning, later in the day, evening, and later in the evening classes plan to be on the schedule. As of now, if customers will come, we will be open 7 days a week with times varying. Most classes run from 50-60 minutes. “We want to meet the needs of the community and provide a service that provides people with a welcoming and non-judgmental environment where they feel comfortable and capable.  We want customers to feel challenged yet not defeated, so they want to keep coming back,” Molly concludes. “We are convinced this is the right time and the right place for our business here in Shakopee. We are excited and eager to provide this exercise studio to Shakopee residents.”